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Get out of here! — June 23, 2016

Get out of here!

This is a game about Tom who fall into the computer world. Through the game he understand that he have to back to real world, because he has sister, family. He realize that people have to live in reality where you can feel love, happiness.

Tom stand.pngName: Tom

Age: 19

Height: 178cm

Weight: 70kg

Interest: Japanese gal game

Favorite food: curry, mayonnaise

Character: Calle’s brother. An otaku who is staying at home all day and playing games.The time line is in the holiday so he does not go to school, so he feels bored. However his cooking is great, Calle loves that.





Calle stand.png  Name: Calle

Age: 14

Height: 156

Weight: Secret

Interest: Cooking,reading

Favorite Food:Every thing that Tom’s cook for her

Character: A good girl who always take care with Tom.







Name: Tom’s laptop

Just a laptop.





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The stuff that is not in this game —

The stuff that is not in this game

Also this is the list I have not finished in time.

I have not finish the drawing for the ending. I was planned Tom was surprised that he was back. He hugs Calle and says ‘I miss you so much.’


This is the enemy ai who can use the small bubble to shoot and attack Tom. But I have not learn how to make enemy ai to do that. This is  a big regret, I did four frame animation for this enemy. However you still can see it in level 2, but you can do nothing with it.


Lots of part in my game does not have sound. May( my flatmate who did the sound effect) has record lots of sound effect for me but I only used one. Some of the sound is for Tom falling and walking, but I do not have enough time to add it all into my game. This let me remember that I have not make the flicker after Tom touches the enemy. I want to finished this ahhhh!

Also there is a bug in real world, it is when Calle walks in you can click the item in Tom’s room. When you click on the light on the table or on the top, and back to the original room ‘dinner is ready’ will appear. By the way, you can click your mouse to let the text disappear.

I will try to fix it if I have time, but I have no idea how to do.

I hope I have written all of my regret in this game. Enjoy my game!

Game review 5 —

Game review 5

“Prune” is a casual game, has twice received official recommendation App Store, also won the International Mobile Gaming Award for the most anticipated game, and the Indie Plus Contest prize. In addition to the game sounds, all designed and developed by Joel McDonald independently. Pocket Gamer commented, “Joel McDonald have done before,” Call of Duty “, he later free hand to do the” Prune “up. Thank God, he made the decision.”IMG_3410

At first glance, “Prune”, most of the players will be attracted by its minimalist style and gameplay. As everyone knows, only behind the complex work in order to prop up the innovative and minimalist design.
Gameplay Shanfanjiujian

The core gameplay is very innovative, but also very simple: cut off excess branches, so that the trees bloom.
(Finger across the branches, the branches will fall down, and then the rest of the branches will grow further.) But in the specific course of the game, there will be many factors that influence the growth of trees.


Sun: Bright pillar area, only trees to flower under the sun:
Source: Blue circular, come into contact with water will accelerate the growth of trees and flowers out of the blue:
(Bright white flowers on both sides, touching the water in the middle blue flowers.)
Stone: black circular exposed to stone trees will be hindered or broken:
(Touch the stones were broken branches.)
Fire: The red circular exposed to the fire began to burn the trees will be broken red branches:IMG_3413
Movable light source: black luminous circular, you can drag with your finger, it will affect the growth direction of the approaching trees:
There pollen setting, to the trees, “Archive” opportunities:
(Teardrop-shaped point is archived using water droplets, trees can be one after another.)
Later in the game, there are wires, gears, and other settings. With the advance of a progress of the game, new elements emerge until the last hurdle. Thus, a simple “cut out” of the core gameplay was not significant boring.
UI’s Shanfanjiujian
Gamezebo evaluation had a saying, “The most impressive is,” Prune “the interaction and simple operation combined with very perfect.” Only return to the menu bar, and canceled three shots, not even the option to start again.
The game, as long as the tree roots cut off, it can immediately start again. If an excessive number of times to start again, you can also skip to the next level. This is complementary to the simple interface limited functionality. Ready to skip out of this off to the next level, without any cost. In the details, “Prune” there are some supplements on the monotonous “minimalist” style.
Circular elements every zoom in and out
IMG_3411means to switch between Levels: Switching between sections is adopted Xinggui way, topography will also change, implying that the flow of time and the development of The plot: With these details, minimalist UI will not jerky, but it seemed convenient and beautiful.

Various elements of the game are very simple lines, almost no use of complex curves, it seems only able to make use of all Office in shape tools. Under contrast, highlighting the vitality of trees winding wound. The aesthetic screen itself is also unique: black for the tone, color elegant flowers, blank proper spacing. Various elements together, coupled with bamboo trees Chinese charm, Oriental-style aesthetics of color will build up. This minimalist 2D art style, perhaps technically difficult to reduce a lot, but consider the arts has become more important.

In the casual gaming circles, the “minimalist” likely to become the first choice for many entry-designers. Because the “minimalist” seems to be less demanding on technology, as long as there are creative, you can make a good game.

However, as noted above, “Prune” under the minimalist appearance, hidden gameplay, UI art and the many considerations, but also on the sound took a lot of effort. Developers need to carefully polish from the details in order to make the game content worthy of minimalist design, while retaining the style, but also to ensure that the game is complete.

Game reveiw 4 —

Game reveiw 4


Triple Town is a screen game, it is a super cute addictive puzzle game. The game is very simple, nothing more than three identical items together into another article fills can find out once and play with depth, much of which came to understand so much fun, so little edited put it down.

The game is produced by SpryFox company launched a study by independent developers puzzle game, originally only for the Kindle platform, and later with Disney Playdom jointly pushed Facebook and Google+. Many users are becoming a social game fan and it entered the “2011 Best Facebook Game” list, a very good performance. On the IOS and Android still received considerable praise.

Maybe in the hearts of many players played the game, will feel “Triple Town” play the single background, it is difficult to understand why it is so hot. In fact, if they can use the most simple gameplay make escalating there are always new surprises, and allows players to be successful for it to stay, it is very good, as the enduring and various Tetris Lianliankan game and Zuma, this for the same has such potential.

Grass, game elements appear in the game screen, after opening we face is that this will not be much change in the next green squares are very simple, but simple does not mean boring, shades of green, from grass to trees, and trees full of flowers, grouped together is a little mystery, a variety of small house will appear one by one, such as cabins, churches, etc., and there will not be time residents walking, with a house as big as the event is also very cute bear, there are all kinds face expression emotions. Although simple, but the overall picture will make people feel warm and comfortable.

The game is played for English is not good students, although at the beginning of the game there will be prompt, but there are some difficulties to get started but do not know the game is played, only the face of such a small piece of grass, really do not experience the fun. In fact, that is simple, in the game when playing with the elimination of the way, click on the screen space, you can put down the box elements, three or more identical elements came together, they can form a more advanced element . That is, if the grass is connected to three, it will become the grass, three grass fusion, will become a tree, grass with four flowering bush will become, three cottages will become a big house and so on to complete the construction of the town, as the most senior of the town what it was like to play so small series has not advanced stage.

Of course, you can also not satisfied with the superposition of three three biggest fun of the game is its randomness, sometimes a grass and two trees or even a house together with two different elements can be combined, of course, and is not no rules to follow, the elements can be fused met together, always in the top of the screen there is a small tip, tell you what’s going to occur. In addition the game also exist, troublemakers, Cubs, the Cubs will take the chaos block you want to build a small town pace, this time, the player can use any of them trapped in the building turned into a tombstone, it will be connecIMG_0257.PNGted to three tombstones a church, the cathedral and several connected appears will be the chest, chest there can purchase a variety of props gold, it will make the game more fun!

There are some of the props in the game, so you get a trace of fire and water blend timing hope of survival. Such as crystal can replace any one element to fusion, soul, can be used to eliminate a careless built the wrong way. When no need props, it can also be placed in the upper left corner of the warehouse, to prepare for contingencies. Of course, the upper left corner of the warehouse can also be used to put temporarily unable to prevent the plant, in order to come at a critical time greater purpose. The game also gets gold coins to buy decorations, of course, you can buy props to break through the immediate difficulties. When screen space is filled, and the town building without compliance, then the game came to an end.

Randomness and infinite creativity make triple town (Triple Town) greatly increase the playability, every step of the construction will need to think about falling again, the test can be said to be very ability to think.


Game review3 — June 22, 2016

Game review3

“Monument Valley Monument Valley” is a production of the developer two exploration puzzle game. Players have to do is find the right path in a magical maze leading to the destination. The biggest highlight of the game, it is in the process of customs clearance in the maze of trails in a unique and unexpected changes in the way. Vertical tower, seemingly impassable stairs, but the bodies are hidden everywhere. When you come to a feeling of nowhere, the Dodo authorities will begin the magical maze of change.


Fresh game screen giving the player a refreshing feeling, exquisite but not the pretentious style that rare. In addition aesthetic but also make the game good letter adds a sense of mystery, it is fortunate that the Chinese language soundtrack makes this game so approachable, music is quiet and elegant, great game ideas plus near-perfect picture and sound performance, people can not figure out where the game’s shortcomings.

Of course, the greatest pleasure comes from the fantastic gameplay, you want to use language to describe the “Monument Valley” is not easy, it contains a lot of illogical design. The game is the main source of inspiration for Dutch artist Escher, who was the originator of the three-dimensional paintings, which mostly flat mosaic creations, impossible structures, paradox, as the cycle characteristics. For example, in the game, you can find a lot of the maze is three-dimensional, you often encounter a staircase to nowhere, or one does not comply with the concept of space platforms. But you know the original game logic after, you will find everything irrational factors can be connected together.

Games will be through a variety of illusion status to cross the border, including ignoring the far channel connection close to make “mobile”, by masking to hide or cave passage gap “presence” and “does not exist”, and ignoring the level of relations “drop” and “jump”, each of subversion real-world knowledge, let players experience the unique Thinking space perversion. For example, in “Monument Valley”, players can rotate the entire maze via a shaft, and then let some seemingly unrelated passages together.

Games will be in the form of chapter unfolds, players will be faced with increasingly complex maze of various handset, of course, the story also will through a brief interlude subtitles to expand, on the whole, this “Monument Valley Monument Valley” is a let you, at first sight, it will play fine can not extricate themselves deeply in love with the game, cucumbers here strongly recommend it to everyone.

Game Review2 — June 21, 2016

Game Review2

“Deemo” was originally launched in Taiwan Rayark. It is an  IOS platform game a music rhythm game.
For the game interface is very simple, the main interface you can select Main, After Story, Link Play, Credits, Store.After entering the Main, the player can choose to play, you can choose different places on the touch screen, so that people speak, or the appropriate starting materials the story.

Touch the screen to the left of the main storyline feet, it can be moved to a room, and there was a lot of drama starting items, such as boxes, books, masks and other women. I do not know the right door will not open with the plot forward.For example, hide the song Run to Run requires to a certain stage in the story, touch to open the box to get the house.
As a music game, the first quality of the music itself is still very important. Deemo and much other music game contain a lot of pop music is different, the selling point is the piano. Deemo divided into two kinds of music, pure music and songs. Instrumental music, then all the piano, although a number of other instruments will be mixed, but the piano playing is definitely the main instrument. Song lyrics are not many words, is not complicated, but also in order to highlight the main piano accompaniment and theme. So for those who like piano players, for this, it is still very worth trying.
This story and atmosphere of the day after the main storyline to talk about, the day after going to talk about the need to play first storyline clearance. The hero is a young girl (Ayana Taketatsu Hall), he fell into a window inside the Pits, where he saw a small black piano, harp let through a small black little girl happy.Main propulsion method is to let the song by playing a sapling to grow, along with the growing seedlings, grow to a certain height, when the story will continue to advance, it is the emergence of the story animation.IMG_3417
After playing each song will show the number of current growth height and height to the right results.
This made is all touch-screen operation, so we can give up the keys and the joystick.
In selecting a tracking screen, touch the name of the song in front of the note button can switch difficulty. There are easy, normal, a hard player can choose three levels of difficulty.Only two-touch method, touch the note when the black notes fell to the black line at the bottom of the screen position, and a golden note is the location change requires sliding down notes in black line. If you just touch the moment the note fell black line is the charming hit. As players right touch, you can leave the corresponding piano track, playing wonderful music. Simple operation, very good use.
It will show you the percentage reached, charming hit times, the maximum number of batter, the current height of the trees, the trees increase in height after the end of play. Only charming all the time will be 100% complete degrees.
If the player does off batter in performance but did not hit all the charming hit, it will display the word FULL COMBO song played at the end of the game and settlement. If the player hits all the charming hit in the game, at the end of the song playing and the game will show ALL CHARMING word settlement.

I got All charming in this game, I am so proud of myself.

Log 10 —
Log 9 — June 19, 2016
Overwatch Game review — June 9, 2016

Overwatch Game review

“Watch Pioneer” is Blizzard’s new team shooter, that May 24, 2016 officially on sale.It is dressed in leather FPS MOBA game.

This game is a 6V6 team shooting game, players can choose a hero to use, can also be in the process of resurrection point change at any time hero in the game. Heroes is divided into assault, defense, heavy equipment, four types of support, the current version of a total of 21 people. This made a total of 4 different modes and 12 unique maps, namely raid mode, mode escort, escort surprise mixed mode, the control mode.
Operation between very different heroes in different ways, toward the depths of the tank needs to attract enemy fire, long-range fire suppression needs some heroes, some are powerful melee, treatment and support in the blood increases while also attacking the enemy, but also particularly hero is built turret to attack the enemy.
I really like the character design and the game mode of this game. Also the map design have been done perfectly for every different heroes to play.

In this game, kill the other number not decide the outcome of the condition. “Watch pioneer” is not level, equipment, talent and other settings, so no matter how good marksmanship and technology is very difficult to single-handedly decide the outcome of the game.

Log 8 — June 8, 2016